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Chamber of commerce “Customer Service Excellence” Award Winners 2023

Well we did it!

Last night Proactive Despatch won the Customer Excellence Award at Halton Chamber of Commerce awards. It was a lovely evening and hats off to Rachael Owen MBA and Jane Kelly for putting on such a great event.

This is the third Chamber of Commerce customer service accolade we have won, as we won both the local and regional Customer Excellence awards back in 2018, followed by this one on last night. To say the team is delighted would be playing it down.

The courier and parcel industry in a lot of cases rightfully has a poor reputation for service. False Promises, service issues, short term thinking. By Proactive Despatch winning this award, I hope we demonstrate to people how much emphasis we place on the delivery of exceptional customer service.

I am particularly pleased that we won last night for two reasons:

Winning three Customer Service awards in five years (there we no awards in 2020 and 2021 due to covid) is pretty cool and to me it shows that we are consistent.


The best one is that it is recognition for our team, who work so hard every single day to deliver our brand of legendary customer service.

I looked around the table last night, and looked at the individuals that make up our team, and I am proud of every single one of them.

When I started Proactive in 2008 I could only dream of working with such a great bunch.

I feel very lucky indeed.

Onwards and upwards