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Customer Service is Growing!

Yesterday we talked about Abi moving on to our BDM team to help her with her development and to help us win new business.

Today we want to talk about bridging the gap.

We have seen some companies over the years, keep talented people in the same role, not progressing them because the void they would leave behind would be too hard to fill.

If we did that Paul would not sleep at night.

The absolute best part about running a business is watching your term grow and develop

Why stifle that…..

Craig and Paul have wanted to move Abi into a sales role for a while now, because their collective gut feelings were that she would take to it like a duck to water and she would represent our brand impeccably.

That said they were very conscious that they wanted to bridge the gap.

Due to the growth we were experiencing, we brought Fran into the business in March, and then Shannon in September.

Our plan is to do a proper handover, get them up to Abi’s standard so that she can progress and we don’t miss her (too much) in our customer service department.

Well, it is safe to say both newbies are flying and whilst Abi will be missed, the baton will be well and truly passed on when Abi starts as a field sales BDM in Jan 2024.

So excited for the remainder of this year and next!

We have no doubt 23-24 will be our best yet!