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Guaranteed.. Honesty!

9am Guarantee!..

Next day Guarantee!..

We’ll have it there guaranteed no worries!!..

What a load of tosh!!

There is not a courier company in the land that can guarantee anything, let alone a delivery.

To be fair we cannot guarantee we are going to wake up in the morning,

We bloody hope we do though! In the words of Paul Woods ‘I have far too much mischief to make before I meet my maker’.

It makes us sick when companies guarantee delivery times, they cannot.

At best it is misguided at worst it is an untruth.

At Proactive Despatch the whole team are not allowed to use the “G” word.

We find out our customers deadline.

We see if is achievable and then promise to go for it.

With the caveat that if we occur any problems on route like traffic delays, we communicate effectively.

At Proactive if we are going to be 10 mins late, we let our customers know.

Some couriers do not communicate at all, some couriers deliver hours, days or weeks late.

Not us.

If you want to work with a courier that tells the truth and communicates effectively, please be Proactive and DM me or reach out to our team on 0333 003 0022.

And remember nobody can genuinely wholeheartedly guarantee anything, so take those claims with a pinch of salt.