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Helping Abi Grow Professionally

One of our core values at Proactive Despatch is:

“To help our team grow professionally and personally”.

Abi joined just a smidge over two years ago as a resource allocator, then moved into customer services where she has been absolutely brilliant.

She comes into work every single day radiating infectious positivity, such a credit to herself.

Yesterday was the first day of the next chapter for Abi.

Yesterday she got to go out with our long-standing BDM Paul Hopkins for her first day of BDM training.

Paul joined us nearly a decade ago, and we cannot think of a better person to immerse Abi in our way of selling.

No pressure sales.

No promising things we know we can’t deliver.

Just being curious about our customer.

Asking the right questions.

Seeing if our service could add value.

Then asking the customer if they are comfortable enough, to put their trust in us and put our service to the test.

We know Abi will absolutely fly in this role, because she has a natural ability to brighten peoples days, and everyone we would know, would buy from her as would we.

Exciting times!

Tomorrow we will let you know what we have done to fill the void in our customer service team that Abi will leave behind…