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‘How do I know you are competitively priced?’

‘How do I know you are competitively priced?’

Our intention has never been to be the cheapest same day courier but we are certainly not the most expensive.

We want you as a customer for life, and with it your loyalty and repeat business.

We know we can only achieve this if you feel we are giving you value for money.

We price to enable us to make a profit and be sustainable, and we price so that we do not have to compromise the service we give by cutting corners.

One of our core values to “develop mutually beneficial relationships with all we work with”, with this in mind we always price accordingly.

We regularly benchmark ourselves against our competitors, so we know we are competitive.

We have lots of testimonials from our valued customers that we are happy to share, but I guess the “proof is in the pudding” and the real proof of our pricing can be demonstrated first hand when you give us a try.

If you would like to arrange a face to face chat or a zoom meeting reach out on 0333 003 0022.