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A post from Paul Woods – Managing Director

When I was asked a few years back by Small Business Britain to participate in research regarding the barriers to entrepreneurship, I really did not know if it would lead to if anything.

However, that discussion formed a very small part of what is now the Lilac review.

The aim of the review is to identify, seek and break down barriers to entrepreneurship for disabled entrepreneurs.

Since last summer I have been invited to various events to share my thoughts on how this initiative can gain momentum.

I have had the privilege of attending events at the House of Lords, Downing Street, and the Head Office of Lloyds Bank.

Lloyds being one of the organisations, helping to move the needle towards a more inclusive business landscape.

One of the best things about all of this has been the people that I have met on this journey so far.

One being Dr Mark Esho DBA (Hons), MBE.

A really lovely bloke who has seriously triumphed in the face of adversity.

If you are looking for examples of how to be resilient and determined to overcome whatever challenges life throws at you, I implore you to read his book. –

In the last week I have also got to know better Martyn Sibley and Amelia Peckham.

Martyn Sibley is wonderful human absolutely committed to driving change and showing the business world how to be more inclusive to the Disabled market.

Amelia Peckham a real force of nature has turned her own adversity into something wonderful, helping people to have the confidence to spend more time on their feet using her crutches,

She has developed crutches that unlike the standard issue:

Don’t cause blisters on your hands.

Don’t jar your entire torso as you walk.

Look really cool.

Check out her website

All that time ago I did not think for a minute that I would get to know such lovely people, I feel very grateful.

I hope collectively we can work together and really make a difference.