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Mutually Beneficial Relationships

Back in December one of our sales team were in dialogue with a potential new customer.

Through our telesales conversations we had established that they:

Were a customer in a sector that we understood very well. Had quite a decent size requirement for same day courier services.

As a result of the above we were keen to meet up with them face to face for a coffee.

They pushed back hard stating “please just send us your tariff card”.

We responded by saying that the purpose of asking to meet either face to face or virtually was:

To gain a better understanding of them as a customer.

To find out their expectations of us if we worked together.

To find out what frustrates them, about their current supplier.

To establish how we could make their life easier and add more value.

They pushed back and said again “just send us your tariff card”.

We politely declined and moved on.

You see to us at Proactive we are not interested in a price driven transaction.

We want a long-term relationship of mutually beneficial gain.

Paul read a great book over the festive period which he will talk about in a further post, but it re-affirmed the above to him/us:

If you win a customer on price, you will at some point lose that customer on price.

There is always someone out there willing to undercut you, as they cannot demonstrate the value in what they do.

To us a good buying decision maker, knows even in tough times it is not all about price, it is the value your supplier gives.

If you are looking to work with a same day courier that wants a proper relationship with you built on trust and integrity, please be Proactive and reach out to me on here.

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