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Network is Your Net Worth

A post from Paul Woods – Managing Director

The say your network is your net worth.

At Proactive I am very fortunate to be surrounded by a great team.

In addition to this I have key tried and trusted suppliers that I turn to for their expertise.

One of the is Corran Barnes from C & C Insurance brokers.

In the current climate of late payments and lots of insolvency, Corran is like a Sherpa guide navigating us safely up and along a treacherous path

Corran is in my corner, giving me advice as required on all things credit insurance.

He guides me around the credit ratings of our existing customers, and any issues around getting credit insurance on customers we would like to work with.

Always at the end of the phone, always helpful.

Helps to give me clarity around how we trade with certain businesses.

If you are looking for credit risk advice and ledger insurance I cannot recommend Corran Barnes highly enough.