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John Arrives Home Safe And Sound!

by Dan

Wednesday, June 04, 2014 2:48 PM

You'll all be happy to know that a very suntanned John Tipton has just rolled up outside the Proactive Despatch head office in his Morgan V8. John and his wife Aileen have spent the last seven days driving from the Greek island of Rhodes to St. Helens, taking in eleven countries in the process. We were all a bit worried at Proactive, as the last we had heard of John was at the Serbian border a few days ago, but John informed us today this was due to the lack of wifi hotspots rather than the fact he had been detained or taken hostage! John had a couple of breakdowns on the way home, in Serbia and Germany, but was able to use his natural charm and multiple foreign language guides to get the necessary repairs done.

John made the epic European journey in order to bring his Dad's Morgan V8 back to the UK, where the card will be sold at Lifes Motors in Southport.

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