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Know What Your Customers Wants

by Craig Hyland

Monday, December 21, 2015 3:47 PM

Our much appreciated customers view us as the "the champions of customer service and communication within our industry". We have reached this status with them because we do the simple things consistently.

We do not:

Hide behind technology.
Give our customers an account number (they have a name).
Accept complacency from our staff.
Allow the phone to ring more than three times.
We do not allow couriers with a poor attitude to represent us and our customers.

We do:

Speak to our customers as human beings rather than an account number.
Employ office staff that are obsessed about delivering legendary service.
Demand consistency from our staff, meaning we talk to our customers any and every time we encounter problems on the road.
Let our customers know EVERY time we have completed a delivery on their behalf.
View our relationship with our customers as a true partnership, where we look to constantly add value.

Some businesses forget that PEOPLE in business have not had a reboot, or a systems upgrade.   Customers still need reassurance that their requests will be carried out, and that they are appreciated for the custom that they give.

If you would value a partnership with a same day delivery company that loves its customers, we would love to hear from you.

Feel free to email me directly at or call us on 0845 539 0022, we would be delighted to welcome you as a customer!

All the best


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