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Company Shortcuts - Graduation

by Craig Hyland

Friday, April 22, 2016 9:44 PM

Our Managing Director Paul and Sales Manager Craig have recently graduated from the Company Shortcuts Business Acceleration programme.


The program was delivered by the awesome entrepreneur, investor and author Lara Morgan and also Sales guru and author Nicola Cook.


During the six month program the pair were given lots of tools to help develop Proactive Despatch into a sizeable business that can positively impact lots more customers, as well as enhancing what we do for our current customers.


Topics covered included:

  • Developing a growth mindset.
  • How to recruit and retain top talent.
  • How to create and maintain an amazing team culture.
  • The importance of knowing how growth can impact our finances.
  • Creating a sales process.


To be fair, so much was learnt we could not possibly list it all here, and over the duration of the course we have been implementing all the new ideas.  That said, this is very much an ongoing process and we still have lots to do.

It has been an amazing jouney, and both Paul and Craig are delighted they invested, not just in the course, but in themselves and the future of Proactive Despatch.

Exciting times ahead!

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