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Helping the Fieldway Group Become More Productive and More Profitable

by Craig Hyland

Tuesday, October 04, 2016 1:36 PM

Proactive Despatch is well known as an urgent response courier service. However, we also offer our customers a regular run service. This can be in addition to their own vehicles, during busy periods, holidays or sickness cover.  In many cases it is a replacement service saving our customers time, money and hassle.

One example of this is valued customers, The Fieldway Group, based in Huyton, Liverpool. Their Commercial Manager, Tony Carden, has used Proactive Despatch for 5 years for regular runs and ad hoc collections and deliveries.

“Being a supplier and installer of a vast range of electrical and gas products and services, we have products being despatched all over the UK. While we have our own vehicles, we realised that by utilising Proactive Despatch, we would reduce our fixed costs and increase productivity by keeping our staff on their key duties rather than driving all over the country and being stuck in traffic. They do fixed weekly collections for us, not to mention the normal ad hoc movements that may crop up.  They really are an extension of our team. By outsourcing to Proactive Despatch we have saved over £30,000. As their name implies, they are definitely Proactive, they keep us totally informed on every movement.”

How could our regular run service benefit your business?

If you outsource your regular runs to Proactive Despatch rather than using your own vehicles, large cost savings can be achieved:

  • Reduced fuel bills
  • Reduced payroll
  • Reduced vehicle depreciation
  • Increased productivity (as staff can be utilised on tasks other than driving and potentially sitting in traffic jams)

If you feel that outsourcing to us, due to any of the above mentioned points, could be a good option for your business we would love to hear from you.

Feel free to call us on 0333 0033 0022 or email to see how we could help. 

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