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Driverless Vehicles

by Craig Hyland

Sunday, November 06, 2016 1:42 PM


Driverless same day deliveries

As part of Leicester Business festival our MD Paul went to a demonstration yesterday on the use driverless vehicles, the event was held down in the West Midlands at the Mira Technology Park.

Interesting talks were held on:

 - The commercial opportunity of autonomous vehicles.

 - The transition from driven to driverless vehicles into our society.

 - Connecting vehicles customers and the grid.


Paul Woods MD of Proactive Despatch said “As a business Proactive Despatch is always looking to improve the service it offers to it’s customers, and this session was certainly thought provoking.”

There is still a great deal to do before driverless vehicles are an everyday sighting on our roads, however all the major vehicle manufacturers are embracing the idea and Tesla and Google are making great bounds in the USA, so it seems to be just a question of time.

It will be an interesting time watching how this develops over the coming months and years.


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