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Narrowing Our Niche

by Craig Hyland

Monday, November 28, 2016 2:06 PM

Target ImageOver the last few months we have completed a review of the different services we offer to you, our valued customers.  The purpose of this review was to ensure that at all times we were living up to the core values of our company.
Once we had completed the review process, it became apparent that in the majority of cases we were delivering a service that our customers loved, and of which we were extremely proud.
However where we did not always live up to our own high standards, was when we acted as a facilitator for bigger consignments.
We have felt that our delivery partners running larger vehicles, did not have values or service ethics that matched ours, and although we have met with them and communicated our expectations, the service we have received have not always shown the desired improvement. 
Too be fair our standards are really high, and we expect a lot from our service providers, as you have come to expect from us.
This review has demonstrated to us how strong we are in facilitating smaller consignments, and as a result going forward we have decided to concentrate our efforts in that area.
With that in mind, and in the interest of legendary service every time, we will now concentrate our efforts on movements in the following types of vehicle:

  • Small Vans (1 pallet 450kg)
  • Short Wheel Base Transits (2 pallets 1000kg)
  • Long Wheel Transits (3 pallets 1200kg)
  • Extra Long Wheel Transits (4 pallets 1200kg)
  • Transit Luton (6 pallets 800kg)

If you wish to talk this through with us, we would welcome your thoughts feel free to contact either Paul Woods or Craig Hyland on (t) 0333 003 0022

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