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Support for Wirral's Blast Victims

by Craig Hyland

Wednesday, April 19, 2017 1:08 PM


Support for Wirral's Blast Victims



Nearly a month has passed since a dance school exploded in the Wirral causing widespread damage, injuring at least 34 people and displacing up to 30 families in the community

Here at Proactive we are doing what we can to lend a hand.



The explosion devastated family homes, crushing many of their possessions when it happened at around 9.15pm on March 25.

One resident said: ‘I thought it was a bomb. People were pointing to a huge building that had collapsed’


He went on to explain how he was forced to leave his home on the night of the blast and is currently living in temporary accommodation – like many other residents from the area.



‘I was told to grab what I could which was my coat and phone I walked out of the front door to something out of a disaster film. It reminded me of a terrorist attack I was shaking with shock.’

‘We are now rebuilding our lives It will take months before we can get back in to live as the damage was terrible. I am still traumatised weeks on. I have flash backs. It will take time for me.’


Councillor Warren Ward has launched an appeal and has requested any assistance possible for the people of the community.

'Nearly a month on, the Government have yet to confirm if/when they will be able to assist. In the meantime it is up to the charity of volunteer groups and local business to help'.

Our Sales Manager Craig said 'We first learned of the plight of the people affected when one of customers, a large international clothing brand, made a kind donation of clothing to the appeal and asked for our assistance with the urgent same day delivery, direct from their distribution centre to the Wirral'.

Given the circumstances it did not sit well with us to charge and we gladly offered our support with the delivery of the items at no cost.

Our customer and the community support team were really appreciative but it was the least we could do to help'.

Councillor Warren Ward added 'There is still plenty of support other companies can provide. In particular;

  • The relief effort is operating from a Co-Op that needs to be relocated.
  • Some residents are affected by PTSD and are finding the prospect of returning to their homes difficult so any Landlords in the South Wirral area that can assist would be a big help.
  • Cash and Clothing donations would still be very much appreciated.
  • There is a big need for clothing rails at the moment'.

If anybody is kind enough to be able to help then they can call Wirral Council on 0151 666 5511 from 9am-5pm, or 0151 677 6557 out of hours.



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