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Becky's Big Apple Trip

by Craig Hyland

Tuesday, March 07, 2017 9:40 AM


Proactive Despatch Core Values

No.10: "To Help our staff grow both personally and professionally"

Lots of companies have a mission statement that sits on the wall and gets rarely looked at. At Proactive Despatch we live and breathe our core values and refer to them on a daily basis.

One of these values is to help our staff grow both personally and professionally. In order to ensure we can deliver on this, we make a point of knowing the aspirations of all our team members.

Becky who works in Customer Service works really hard helping us provide legendary Customer Service to our customers and we really appreciate all the effort she makes.

When Becky first came to us she expressed one of her life goals was to visit New York. So, our MD Paul made Becky an agreement that if she fulfilled her end of the bargain, helping us achieve our goals, the company would support her in achieving hers.

It was no surprise that Becky delivered as expected and last week set off on her trip to the Big Apple.
At Proactive we believe life is all about experiences, and we are really chuffed that Becky can tick this off her bucket list, where the next adventure will be we are not sure, but our MD Paul will be asking her to achieve it that’s for sure

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