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Meeting One of Our Heroes

by Craig Hyland

Friday, July 21, 2017 2:49 PM



Earlier this year Craig and our MD Paul went down to the Excel Centre in London to see one of their business heroes in action on the stage.
The man in question was Jim Collins author of amazing business books such as Good to great, Built to Last and How the mighty fall.
Jim has dedicated his life to studying what makes companies consistently successful, he then compares them to companies that have not had the same level of success, despite the same opportunities.
He then documents this research in his books, for his readers to learn lessons on what fuels sustainable companies built for the long term.
As a business we have taken on a lot of Jim’s theory, like making sure we have the “right people on the bus” and then the “ensuring the people on the bus are in the right seats”.
The biggest takeaway reminder for us from the Excel event was that “good is the enemy of great”, and it reinforced our view that we want to be known as a “great company in all we do rather than a good one.
The links for some of Jim’s books are below, we cannot recommend them highly enough.

                   Good to Great      Great by Choice     How the Mighty Fall

Jim Collins Work


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