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Hotting Up But Keeping Cool

by Craig Hyland

Tuesday, June 26, 2018 10:29 AM


 Things are hotting up at Proactive but we are cool about it.

For the last three years now we had the privilege of partnering with Manchester Business School, where we have tapped into the very sharp brains of their MBA Business Students.

Every year the students have to undertake a project for a local business, and we have been fortunate to have completed three projects with them and are now working on a fourth.

The first project was to establish which IT booking platform were available out there that could help us streamline our processes and make us more efficient, but most importantly improve the service to our customer’s as their requirements change.  This project was a massive success and as a result we shifted all of our business on to a new software provider in October.

The second project was one with an eye on the future and the potential impact of autonomous vehicles and electric vehicles on our business.  This was a real eye opener but as the project unfolded we felt commercial autonomous vehicles were still perhaps ten years away, and electric vehicles although a great idea were not useful to us, until their ranges improved.

Project number three was to review potential new niche markets.  This was done with a completey open mind and no area was off limits, this led us into the project that is being completed this year which is a feasibility study on Temperature controlled transport.

This project should be completed by the end of August and we should now whether this is an area in which we want to invest.

Paul Woods our MD said “Working with the students at the Business school has been great, the students are extremely bright and conscientious, and because they are not involved in our industry on a day to day level they have no pre conceived ideas or emotional attachment which leads to great thinking and results”

We will of course keep you posted with the results of this project

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