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Paul Visits The House of Lords

Last month Paul our Managing Director had the pleasure of visiting The House of Lords, to champion disabled entrepreneurship!

With fabulous entrepreneurs including our very own Paul Woods pictured here, Joseph Williams, Sarah Berthon, Martyn Sibley and more, they had a vibrant discussion with Kevin Hollinrake, Elyn Corfield and business leaders about what can be done, and what momentum can be made fast, to move the dial on building a genuinely inclusive entrepreneurial Britain.

Michelle’s Small Business Britain report, with Lloyds Banking Group Disability and Entrepreneurship continues to spark ideas, debate and open up the discussion about the incredible value in giving disabled founders the right support.

At 25% of entrepreneurs, this is not a small group. This is not a niche subject. This is a subject for everyone, that impacts everyone. We all benefit if we make the world a better place for all.

Let’s not get hypnotised by the complexity of fixing what are some major problems and let that stop us getting started. Let’s get started right away.

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Picture attached shows Michelle and Paul smiling into the camera, Paul looking suave and debonair, casually sharing the awesome Disability and Entrepreneurship report from Small Business Britain and Lloyds. You cannot tell from the photo, that it was actually the hottest day of the year, except that they are dressed for the heat!