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Paul Woods – “I have two job titles”

In my Proactive Despatch business, I have two job titles.

The first one is Managing Director.

The second is Profit Prevention Officer.

I say the second one a little bit tongue in cheek, but I say this because:

As a business we turn down opportunities that are not right for us.

Our view is:

We only get involved in business that we can be world class at, and I genuinely believe we are world class at urgent response b2b same day delivery.

We don’t chase revenue we focus on giving value to our customers that in turn give us profitable business.

We stop working with customers that give you the run around when we ask for our invoice to be paid.

We get rid of customers who are unreasonable to deal with either in terms of their expectations of our service, or in the way they treat our team members.

Over the years we have also turned down big opportunities because the customer or the type of work has not been the right fit for us.

I argue with myself about our approach all the time and I wonder sometimes if I am the blocker to our growth.

I wonder that just because I founded Proactive Despatch, should I still be leading the company?

I look at some of my competitors that are bigger than us in financial terms, and wonder how or why they got there when their service is not a patch on ours and the team members appear disengaged.

Then I remember

I want to lead and be proud of a business that:

Is great at what it does.

Is sustainable and not built on the vanity of revenue.

Positively impacts the people in comes into contact with, whether that be team members, customers or suppliers.

We may not be as big or fast growing as some of our competitors, but I go to sleep at night proud as punch, knowing we have delivered great service.

We have not sold out just to make a few quid.

I wake up ever day chuffed to bits that I work with the people I do.

When I really think about it would I want a much bigger business making loads more money?

Yes I would, but only if our values were not compromised to do so.

I am right or wrong I would really value your opinions