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Proactive News

“Proactively” Reaching Out

A post from Paul Woods, Managing Director.

Well, the first “real” day back in the office for me since the 22nd December.

Of course being the saddo that I am, I have done bits in between to enable us to hit the ground running in 2024, but it still feels like I have been away forever.

Back in August the team and I sat together for our annual get together and made a pact to have our best year yet.

In the interests of true transparency, we are a smidge behind where I would like us to be.

So, to all my connections, if you hear of anyone within your networks that is not “feeling the love” from their current same day courier, please may I ask if you could let me know and I will if you will excuse the pun…

“Proactively” reach out.

I hope you all have a cracking start to 2024 and if I can be if any support to you, please shout.

0333 002 0033.