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Professional or Unprofessional Service?

Our Account Manager Abi’s role is to keep our customers sticky, ensuring they stay delighted with our service and hopefully become raving fans of our business,

This week Abi has been to see one of our new customers that is a big manufacturer in St Helens.

They have been really happy with the service we provided so far.

Although to be honest I think this is more of a reflection of how poor our competitor and their previous supplier was.

Our new customer said –

“We looked to change supplier because we were tired of their unprofessional service”

“We were astounded that they would try and secure our freight in the back of the vehicles using flimsy rope rather than appropriate cargo straps”

“The couriers regularly turned up in flip flops”

We have grown steadily over the years, and have customers that been with us sixteen years,

However our job is made easier when our competitors behave like this.

If you want to work with a same day courier that:

Is professional.

Uses appropriate equipment to secure loads.

Wears appropriate work wear and PPE.

Please be Proactive and call us on 0333 003 0022

Please don’t put up with unprofessional services, because there is another way!

We would love to restore your faith in the same day courier industry.