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Thank You Paul!! – Easter Weekend Begins..

A post from our Operations Manager, Ross –

‘As we all get ready and excited for a nice 4 day weekend (in most people cases), anyone who has ever worked in transports or logistics will likely know that the last working day before the long Easter weekend can bring it’s own challenges.

Some examples of these are;
– Slower road networks.
As more & more people look to make the most of the 4 day weekend heading out, this generally causes more congestion on the roads.

– Less time to send our them urgent items.
Walking in on the Thursday & realising that mega important consignment on your desk needs to be delivered by Monday (seems to far away) and now needs sorting today

– Less couriers on the road.
Just as we all want to maximise the long weekend, some couriers would take the same approach, who wouldn’t!

When you’re as focussed as we are at Proactive Despatch Ltd. on giving customers the same level of customer service excellence every day, regardless of factors, it can require some extra thinking and efforts to achieve your goal.

To say a couple of domino’s pizza’s turning up unexpectedly curtesy of Paul Woods was a very well received gesture.

Definitely the fuel we needed in the office to maintain our high energy levels.

Thanks Paul!! 😁’