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The power of coaches and mentors by our MD Paul Woods

The power of coaches and mentors by our MD Paul Woods

Being the owner of a business is not as glamorous as it sounds, most of us are not fat cat bosses counting gold coins in our ivory tower.

The reality is that in most cases as a business owner you have so many pressures:

  • The pressure of earning enough to provide adequately for your family.
  • The pressure of knowing that your decisions can seriously impact your employees’ lives.
  • The pressure from suppliers
  • The expectations from customers.
  • The view from the outside world that all is rosy and you are minted because you are a business owner.

There are sleepless nights, and arguing in your own head regarding decisions, it can be a lonely place.

A good while ago I did the Lancaster University lead course with the legendary John Drysdale, and as part of the course I was introduced to the power of coaching and paired with John Thompson who at the time helped me immensely.

He made me realise that I was not on my own and there were people out there who would listen to me, and through the power of questions he helped me clarify my thoughts and challenge my assumptions.

It was liberating

Over the years I have had and still have the benefit and experience of some great mentors and coaches.

One I currently work with is a great gent called Nigel Sandbrook

Nigel is a gentleman that I have had the privilege of working with since the summer of 2020.

A few weeks into Covid I was encouraged to join a “bounce back from Covid” government led program.  I initially declined the opportunity because as Covid struck I made changes to our business quickly and decisively.

  • I adapted our business model.
  • I made some tough but necessary staff redundancies.
  • I downsized our office as I realised that some of team were more productive from home.

I was asked at the very least to think about the support I was being offered and to have a look at Nigel’s Linked in profile.

I did this and I am glad I did!

Nigel had multi decade experience working for Lloyds banking group, and it quickly dawned on me that by declining the offer of Nigel’s support, I was losing all that experience and knocking a gift horse in the mouth.

Nigel has been of great support to me personally and professionally

You would think with his experience we would spend all our time looking at the numbers, but to be fair we don’t.

I get great service from Callum Wilson at Sedulo for that.

In fact we spend all our time talking about everything apart from numbers.

He has done so much more for me than that.

  • He has helped me to realign my ambition
  • He has helped me realise what is important
  • He has encouraged me to look after my health
  • He has stopped me having guilt around my renumeration and work life balance.
  • He has lifted me back up when I have doubted my abilities.

And so so much more.

Nigel Sandbrook you are a gent, thanks for all you do and who you are.

And if you are business owner that feels you are on your own, you are not there are diamonds out there like Nigel you just have to find them.

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